Man & Space (69-73)

Man & Space are the other series that make recurring appearance as sketches, drawings, paintings and prints. While the latter featured nightmares of people suffering from drought and famine, the former made a reference to time in its multiple interpretations, ranging from cosmic continuity to its temporal nature, triggered by the German obsession with punctuality that Shuva encountered in that country.

An affinity with Kathe Kollwitz work that the artist came across first as a young man and later during his European sojourns, could also have been at the back of his mind. Shuva creative trail took another turn when he was invitedto make a painting for the Ramakrishna Mission. Rather than stick to a time tested theme or format, the artist opted to explore and penetrate a newer philosophical domain the futility of amassing wealth when life is so unpredictable. This, and the human desire to hide feelings or sins or dreams, yielded Wrapped, a series full of suspense and drama.