Portraits - With Others

Portraits The struggles that Shuva had to go through seem to have sharpened his vision and creative urge, as reflected in his artistic voyage that entails a substantial body of seminal work in each of the twenty or so thematically and stylistically varied series he has created during the last four decades. There are other paintings that tell the sad story of the city forgotten emblems the statue of Bengal pride, Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, turning into a resting place for crows, or rats playing around industrialist Hariram Goenkas statue in Curzon Park.

And there are some stunning portraits of well-known figures like Jamini Roy and Mother Teresa. A picture-perfect image of Sarat Chandra Bose practising in the High Court that the artist had created, hangs in the Parliament House in Delhi. In public meetings he loved to do portraits of speakers on the dais. His success as a boy-portraitist endeared him to all and earned him easy access to the great leaders of the time.

Abdul Ghaffar Khan 22inches x 15inches, drawing, 1967 Collection: Birla Academy.

Jamini Roy 18inches x 11inches, drawing, 1972.

Sibram Chakraborty 12inches x 16inches, oil on board, 1979 Collection: Artist.

Cesar Domela 8inches x 6inches, drawing, 1979.

M.F. Husain 13inches x 19inches, drawing, 1993.

Shubhas Mukhopadhaya 8inches x 6inches, drawing, 2004.

Rabindranath Tagore 11inches x 15inches, drawing, 2004.

30 YEARS IN POWER 22 inches x 15 inches, drawing, 2007.