The artist also played a significant role in the development of Bengal graphic movement in the 1970s. Influenced by other Marxist regimes like Russia, China and Germany, where the medium worked as a prime mode of communication, its acceptance in Calcutta got a shot in the arm with the setting up of Arts & Artists.

A predominance of black and white and sepia or burnt amber in his incredible series of paintings in charcoal and acrylic, that marked the Calcutta Tercentenary year, is described by the artist as my journalistic view of the city of my birth and life The city urban milieu, its gloom, daily struggles and cultural ethos continued to be depicted evocatively in graphic prints and other work of the 1970s and 1980s that includes Illusion, Abode and Lament. Expressions of dismay overlaid with a touch of hope in the culture and squalour of Calcutta, the city survival instinct despite its decay, is featured through a fusion of symbols and images. likes to work in series. Working in series allows me to reflect over a passage of time and develop an idea.